Tuesday, January 29, 2008

End of the month - Just a little stressed...

It almost sounds like I'm waiting for the stick to change colors! I'm just waiting for the month to end so the craziness will end for a day or so before we start panicking about next month. Ah, the circle of life.

So I moved from my crack house (with the great Victoria porch) to this nicer and much larger apartment in November '07. I have not unpacked anything. My clothes came in garbage bags so emptying those into the dresser or on to the closet rack doesn't really count. I bought new dishes and glasses so those, while existing, did not actually "move" any farther than from Wal Mart to my kitchen. How sad is that?

You can actually see the boxes and storage bins of yarn behind Bailey. If I had any shame, I would be feeling it at this point - and nothing. Which is a good thing, really, as drastic changes in personality is one of the signs that my meds aren't working. So all is well.

Oh, and the pic? That is the "get your ass off the couch and feed me now" look that Bailey has perfected over the years. She held that look without blinking through 3 flash pictures. That cat has staying power.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back in saddle, so to speak

My friend, B, is a regular blogger and reading her post tonight inspired my to get back at it and set some time aside during the week to post. So here I go...

I looked at my last post and was shocked to realize how old it was - April 2007! So much has happened I can't reasonably cover it all here. The highlights:

1. I moved from a crack house to a nice quiet apartment with so much more room for the crazy cats and the new addition, Roxanne the rat terrier.

2. I bought a dog. This statement sounds misleading - like I bought her from a breeder. I actually bought her from my crack addicted neighbor who was strung out and needing money for another hit. While you always have choices, I felt that in this situation, I did not have a choice as not buying Roxanne would have haunted me endlessly because he was going to sell her to someone and who knew how that person would treat her. So for $60, I acquired a spastic rat terrier who needs love and patience. She has settled in so well - she plays with the cats, chews up her toys, and sleeps under the covers with me every night. She is the best $60 I have ever spent.

3. I am still employed by the same company; still enjoying having medical insurance; and really loving my "new to me" convertible VW Beetle.

4. I am leading a Saturday morning knitting group of wonderful women who are constantly supportive, smart, funny, and creative. What more could you ask of your friends?

I would add some pictures at this point but we are having a terrible thunder storm and my camera is in my car so above is a pic that B took while walking Roxanne.

More pics and stories to follow and in a more timely fashion!