Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been Blog-Bitch Slapped!!

Oh, it is on, Dine-o-meter!! The sound of crickets?? Am I the one skipping out on Saturday Knitting? Noooo, that would be you. Except, I missed 2 weeks ago and may miss this week... But that's not the point!

What is the point, you ask? I have been called out for my spotty (at best) blogging. How rude of you to point out the obvious! I am a busy single mother of 4 who works all day and comes home very tired and in need of toast! Did it ever occur to you that I have nothing interesting in my life to blog about? Well, thank you for pointing out my extremely boring existence to your readers.

I mean, look at these faces:

Roxanne needs lots of love and reassurance!

Blinky needs supervision - she has started stealing my cigarettes again!

Tinkerbell obviously needs to be fed!

And Izzy - it's just interesting to watch her watch the world, and bugs, go by.

So there! I killed all the freakin' crickets over here, Dine-o-meaner!!