Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I LOVE this man!

I was not planning on writing anything tonight but in making my nightly rounds of my favorite blogs, I stopped by and read this article titled, "10 Things Karl Lagerfeld Could Do Without."

Read and enjoy! I love that he is completely honest - hates kids and meat and fat girls and skinny girls and the 90's and prints and... As one person commented, he is like your favorite batshit crazy uncle. But those weird gloves. So demode. And of course he only wants to talk about the fat girls - everyone knows they are the most fabulous and interesting women in the world! But I don't think that was his reason for wanting to talk about them...


Oh, and here is Roxanne's toy, Bear (don't you love my creativity in naming her toys?). Bear is not longer with us as he lost his arms then legs then head. At that point, he went to his Glad grave. Sad day for Roxanne...

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