Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hell Has Frozen Over and I Have The Sweater To Prove It

Blinky tested and approved.

Thank you, Knitting Goddess, for granting me strength to finish this project by making wool a natural fire retardant.

This sweater will be mailed to the Northeast the first of next week and pics of the beloved nephew wearing it, sans face, will be posted asap. As much as I now hate this project, I have to say that I am really proud of the finished product. He'll look great wearing it once for the pic because by now it is too freakin' small! But he has a little sister who hasn't started reading Harry Potter yet so she will get some wear out of it - if he'll share.


DineometerDeb said...

It looks great! Too bad your nephew is 47 years old now and the sweater is a children's size 6.

That would make me nervous to have my cat sniffing around a finished knitting project.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! And now what gets finished next?? Can hardly wait until Saturday morning to find out!!


essie said...

This is gorgeous! Makes me want to do a theme sweater. Superman? Angela Davis?

BTW you've given me new enthusiasm for duplicate stitch.

knitwithcats said...

who's Angela Davis? is this a generational thing? and while i like the finished look, the duplicate stitch took a while and was a little hard on the eyes. since he wants his next sweater to be black, i am really starting to suspect that my nephew is trying to blind me... and he's not 47 - just 7 1/2 and i measured him at 6 1/2 but i went big so fingers crossed that it will still fit for at least one winter!

tut-tut said...

Yowzah!! Blinky, step away, step away!!!

Bear came back from AHSM with a COLD. Not good.