Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tina Fey does not have to leave the planet and I don't have to move to Canada because Obama won. I think I am still in shock. And I must say that if I am experiencing this level of shock and hope, I truly cannot conceive the level of hope and optimism the African American community must be feeling. I can only image and try to internalize the words of friends like Essie as they express what this victory means to black people specifically and Americans in general. Just wow.

and I would be posting a picture of my cat but I have a new phone and cannot figure out how to send my pics from my phone to my email. I think I might have to cave and read the book tomorrow. Sucks.

But congratulations America - we finally voted out GW and his potential replacement, Palin. Because you might not be willing to say it, but we all know that there was not way McCain was going to live through his entire term. Sorry - but it needed to be said.


DineometerDeb said...

Yes, everything will be butterflies and posies from now on!

I too am still in shock. If only the Cubs would have won the world series, then this would have been a perfect year for the world.

Hey you missed The Daily Show tonight. Very funny!

DineometerDeb said...

Wasn't there a time when all it took to use the phone was to pick it up and ask Sara to ring Barney Fife for you? And there you are, trying to figure out how to watch Spongebob, take a picture, and check your email. Hm.

Anonymous said...

Okay... but the first scary part is that you actually blogged this week!!!!!

knitwithcats said...

ass holes - both of you! and i can now check my email and watch spongebob but still cannot email my pics... so freaking sad!