Monday, February 19, 2007

Still Greasy!! And Loving It!!!

As promised, here is a pic of where I am working! You are looking down the center aisle of the shop with repair bays on each side - approx 30 bays total. On this day, I helped unhook a drive shaft, drop a transmission, pull out a clutch, and finally repaired the two recalled gears that necessitated all of this work in the first place! Then, we had to put it all back again! That day, I was the filthiest I have ever been in my entire life. Grease in, on, and ground into every part of my body. But I also had my best night of sleep in a long time. Too much fun!! But my cuticles are shot and my nails are so short and still encrusted with grease - I think my brother's socks are going to smell like an auto shop. At least it will be a manly smell!

The cats have struck again! The little bastards stole one of my shoes! I wore it yesterday and when I looked for it this morning, one was gone! They like the laces and therefore the shoes double as prey!

And I got new glasses! Yea for my team! I can see things at a distance now! Life is good - kinda scared to see what the guys look like through my new glasses, though. And they feel weird on my face - I've been wearing my old pair for over 3 years. This is like a very drastic (and extremely expensive) haircut. I feel like my face is tilting to one side - slight "I look weird in my new glasses" paranoia.
Off to put the laundry in the dryer! I swear I will try and do better about my posting frequency - sounds like a condition on a pharmaceutical ad.


Anonymous said...

Life is looking up!!! New glasses and everything!! Actually cats were trying to tell you they were offended by the smell from the shoes and so they wanted them outside to air out! Good luck finding them!

Zorro, Metoo and Stretch's Mom

tut-tut said...
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