Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The heel has been turned! I am on the downward decrease of sock #1! That is, sock #1 of the second attempt to make socks for my brother. Attempt 1 ended in the garbage on fire - but the fire part was not intentional. You think you've blown out a match and you can be so, so very wrong. But now (new yarn that is not cut and has not been chewed on by a cat) I am rollin' right along! As they just got 15" of snow, he might still be able to wear these before they thaw out for their 3 days of summer. Now how loudly will I be whining this summer when we are simmering at around 100 degrees and they are sweltering at 80 degrees? Very, very loudly. I am honest enough to admit it.

As for work, I feel like the new kid in day care - I am catching every damn disease that comes through that place! First, I catch the "digestive upset" that wiped out half the shop. Now, I have a head cold. My nose and my lips are chapped and I can't breathe. I called my mom just to whine about being sick - I don't feel that I received that appropriate amount of sympathy but it was better than nothing. (I just had to stop typing to go sneeze and blow my nose - any sympathy yet??) And my ears won't pop. I'm taking my deaf, itchy, sneezing self to bed - after a brief stop over at Robotusin Land. Good sleep tonight!!!

And Bailey had to go to the vet - I'll write about that tomorrow or Friday night. But here is a teaser - I am dosing my cat with grape flavored children's Sudafed. So we're both drugged up on cold meds. Needless to say, this is a very happy and relaxed apartment.


Anonymous said...

Well you obviously are knitting up a blue streak (pun intended!). Sorry to hear you and Bailey have the head crud. You two take good care of each other!

Zorro, Metoo and Stretch all said kachoobakatchu!

Jennifer Brown & Luke said...

I am sorry that your mother did not give you the appropriate amount of sympathy, but, if it's any consolation, mine wouldn't have either.

Beth said...

Sudafed for a cat?!! Can this be true? Are you having knitting on Saturday, or will you be curled up in bed?