Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The pic is of "Bird Cat" and it was one of many purchases I made at the 4 Bridges Art Festival. For those of you who know that I have a bird phobia and are wondering why I bought it, I just imagine that the cat is about to eat the bird. A little sick, but it works.

I had a little too much financial fun there, though. Oh, well, it was all so pretty! How was I to resist? The only thing that could have made it even better would have been a shoe vendor. Maybe next year...

This week at work has been crazy! I've been department hopping, project juggling, going to a funeral, and setting up a blind date - but not for me!

The funeral was for my aunt T's mother. She died Saturday night from cancer - she was very ill and in pain so her passing was a blessing in that respect. T has lost a lot of weight caring for her mother and is just exhausted. No matter that it was a blessing - I still cannot imagine losing my mother. It literally makes me tear up just thinking about it. And to stand at the front of the room at the funeral home and have to greet and talk to all of the people - I would just want to scream, "You don't understand! She was MY mother!" I know many of you have lost your mothers and I cannot understand how you function. Even the thought nearly paralyzes me. We all have to go but I do not have to like it or accept it gracefully! I didn't do that when Maggie died and I have not plans to change now! Tirade against death now over.

On a much better note (maybe I should have put this before the death rant but at least I'm ending on a good note!), I have set up my first blind date! My friend J is meeting a guy I work with, M, on Sat for drinks. I am more excited than they are - they are just nervous while I am completely giddy! My self esteem isn't on the line! Why should I be nervous? I'm going as a "date facilitator" and if it goes well, I'll leave. If it bombs, we'll drink a few beers, dump him, and have a good girls' night.

Now, I'm working on getting myself a date! I'm working on it and will report fully when it happens!

And I have not given up on the socks - I am waiting for my brother to give me his foot measurement. Very rude of him to keep me waiting, I think.


Beth said...

Interesting developments occur when there are more men around than women at the workplace . . . make sure you post a follow-up to the blind date. Why don't you bring a fourth for yourself??

Jennifer Brown & Luke said...

How ironic this post is, isn't it? Needless to say, I am still not mad, just disappointed. But, all is forgiven...maybe not immmediately forgotten...but forgiven. I still love you... just find me another one.

Beth said...

And after you find the other one, don't answer the phone!

Anonymous said...

And so now life has become soooo hectic that anything as mundane as maintaining one's blog is beyond worrying about? News please!!!!

Metoo especially eager to be kept updated as he has once again been "confined to quarters" - he needs something interesting to read!!

Anonymous said...

aw c'mon..... sock picture please!!!